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Situated in Washington D.C., the Classical Concentration benefits from the magnificent examples of the very best classical architecture ever designed, and from the unique and inspiring urban design of the Nation’s Capital.

Throughout the city and within so many of these magnificent buildings are tremendous resources that augment the strengths of the Catholic University of America’s School of Architecture & Planning:

·      The Library of Congress

·      The National Gallery of Art

·      The National Building Museum

·      The Smithsonian Institution and its Museums

·      The Institute of Classical Architecture and Art

·      The American Institution of Architecture

·      The National Civic Arts Society

·      The National Trust for Historic Preservation

Washington D.C., Northern Virginia and nearby Maryland are homes to more than fifty architecture firms dedicated to the practice of Classical and Traditional Architecture.  They serve as resources to the School of Architecture for visiting faculty and lectures.  They serve as a resource to students as opportunities for summer internship employment, for scholarship awards; and as places for long-term professional employment.

Students within the Classical Concentration have the following extra-University, professional resources dedicated specifically to supporting their study and practice of Classical Architecture:

·      Institution for Classical Architecture and Art

·      The National Civic Art Society

·      I.N.T.B.A.U

·      Prince of Wales Foundation

·      Traditional Building Conference