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Scholarship within the Faculty and among Graduate Students

Graduate Students are encouraged to collaborate with the Classical Concentration Faculty in arranging the very best course of study for their academic and professional goals. Each Student enjoys close access to the Faculty members as guides, mentors and advisors in addition to their roles as instructors.

Graduate Students especially contribute in meaningful ways to the quality of their education and to the quality of the Classical Concentration. Faculty look to the students for a high level of participation in course studies and in independent academic endeavors. We seek and welcome applicants who are desirous of such interactivity in their educations.

At all times each Faculty member is engaged in independent scholarship in the teaching and practice of architecture. This is a requirement for all serious academic enterprise and it carries with it the added benefit for students to be closely aware of and even associated with that research as it is being developed. 

The Classical Concentration further enriches the Graduate experience with visits, lectures, seminars and Master-Class Studios conducted by visiting academics and practitioners of classical Architecture.


Research & Student-Teaching Scholarships

Qualified students are eligible to receive semester-long research and teaching assistantships (usually involving 10 hours/week of work). These appointments are awarded on a competitive and merit basis.

§  Applicant students need should make application as part of the University Admission process;

§  Enrolled students in the program discuss opportunities with the faculty.