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Sacred Space and Cultural Studies program

Sacred Space/
Cultural Studies


Since time immemorial buildings have served not only as protective shelter, but also as places to find meaningful connections to nature, the cosmos, and the divine. The Sacred Space and Cultural Studies (SSCS) concentration is one of the few programs in the world where architecture graduate students, faculty, and professionals can reflect, learn, research, and profess the deepest spiritual and cultural roots of place-making. Taking a contemporary, reflective, and investigative approach to this area of study, the SSCS concentration gives students the opportunity to examine architecture through inspiring experiences and conversations about life and architectural intention, matter and spirit, and the physical and metaphysical.


The core issues of the SSCS concentration are intrinsic to Catholic University’s mission and the subject of the sacred in architecture is approached with an ecumenical perspective.  Culture, landscape, and the sacred are issues of interest in global architecture practice and this concentration draws upon and hosts a highly diverse student body and experts from throughout the world.

For more information, visit the concentration website or contact the Sacred Space and Cultural Studies concentration director Julio Bermudez.