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Travis Price


Travis L. Price III, FAIA -- architect, author, teacher, philosopher, and environmental pioneer -- shapes an international architecture informed by ecology and mythology that restores the spirit of place to modern design. His prescient works, explicated in Price’s award-winning new book , The Archaeology of Tomorrow, demonstrates that green design and culturally diverse inspirations comprise the leading determinants in today’s modern global architecture. Travis Price was a solar pioneer.

As previous director of the graduate concentration on Cultures and Sacred Space at The Catholic University of America / School of Architecture & Planning, Price also leads the SPIRIT of PLACE / SPIRIT of DESIGN studios. His architectural firm co-sponsors and develops global design-build expeditions ranging from Nepal, to Peru, to Ireland. The on-site faculty includes practicing architects, construction craftsmen, artists, historians, shamans, priests, expediters, guides, and professors. Numerous journalists, photographers, botanists, and world travelers accompany the widely published expeditions. His recent book the Mythic Modern is a full compendium of these design build expeditions for the past 20 years. A recent film documentary, “The Tale of the Tongs” won a DC AIA award and best municipal project in all of Ireland 2013.

Price lectures about his architectural works, expeditions, and the state of architecture and planning to audiences at such venues as the National Building Museum, the Smithsonian Institution, the National Geographic Society, and The American Institute of Architects. Internationally published in books and journals as well as featured in films and television on design and architecture, TPA’s works inspire and redefine the heritage and potential of architecture. Price’s visionary questions speak to the heart of where the built environment is going and our place in and responsibility to it. Guided by a humanity-based perspective and desire for sustaining nature and culture, his quest for the mythic modern inspires a reinvigorated architecture of the 21st Century.