The Catholic University of America

Urban Institute Studio

Enhancement of our urban environment, creating beauty and a sustainable public realm is an ambitious goal. We at CUA seek to provide opportunities for students to participate in community-based projects, and to fundamentally contribute to their communities as informed citizens and educated designers when they leave our university. Programs such as these efforts build positive relationships and help foster a commitment to community service.
Frequent meetings with Urban Institute Studio,community organization leaders, government agencies and private sector consultants, expanded students awareness of neighborhood needs and desires. These gatherings enable students to understand how the neighborhood impacts daily lives. They learn to identify what aspects make a positive neighborhood feeling and what may be unacceptable conditions.
Iris Miller, ASLA, M.Arch   
Director, Landscape Studies   
Director, Urban Institute Studio   
School of Architecture and Planning   
The Catholic University of America   
Washington, DC 20064   
T 202 319-5188   
Foggy Bottom / Lower Georgetown, D.C.>
     1.  Complete Book   169 pages, including text
               Streetscape, Traffic, Bridges
               Heritage Park, Memorial Opportunities, Cultural Center
               Adaptive Use: Aqueduct Remnant, C&O Canal, Whitehurst
               Markets, Cafés
               Urban Landscape, Sustainability
     2.  Summary   72 pages, primarily images
               Includes Kennedy Center vicinity proposal
               Mixed-Use Development, Streetscape, Traffic, Plazas, Bridges,
               Pedestrian-Bicycle Links / Recreation Loop
River Road / Westbard, Bethesda, MD>
     1.  Complete Book    124 pages, including text
               Westbard/Westwood Master Plan, Mixed-Use Development, Parks
               River Road Streetscape, Traffic
               Capital Crescent Trail Parks
               Addenda: 1982 Sector Plan, Community Survey,
               Environmental Statement
               Urban Landscape, Sustainability
     2.  Summary    18 pages, text and images
Historic Anacostia / Poplar Point, D.C.>
     1.  Complete Book    107 pages
               Streetscape, Traffic / Streetcar, Bridges
               Plazas, Parks, Riverfront Promenade, Wetlands, Nature Center
               Pedestrian/Transit-Oriented Mixed-Use Metro Development
               Urban Landscape, Sustainability
Brookland, D.C.>
     1.  Complete Book    58 pages
               Streetscape, Traffic / Streetcar (or Bus), Bridges, Metro / Transportation Hub
               Plazas, Parks, Mixed-Use Development, Town Center Retail
               Urban Landscape, Sustainability
Xi Yuan Community at Summer Palace, Beijing, China>
     1.  Complete Book    38 pages
               Streetscape, Traffic, Bridges, Canal, Transportation Hub
               Parks, Plazas, Gateways
               Markets, Heritage Cultural Center, Commercial Development
               Residential: Courtyard / Townhouse Typologies
               Institutional: School, Senior Center, Community Center, Clinic
               Urban Landscape, Infrastructure, Sustainability
Pleasant Plaines / Howard University Vicinity, D.C.>
      1.  Complete Book    100 pages
               Streetscape, Traffic
               Parks, Plazas, Recreation / Sports, Playground
               Markets, Galleries, Mixed-Use Development
               Urban Landscape, Sustainability