The Catholic University of America

Research Projects

May – August, 2015

Bloomingdale: The Intersection of Gentrification, Aging-in-Place, and Race in a District of Columbia Neighborhood 

Julius S. Levine, FAICP,Principal Investigator
Emily C. Pierson, MArch II/ MCRP

The purpose of this study and subsequent journal is to analyze the intersection of gentrification, aging-in-place, and the race dynamics in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of DC.  Please see the whole publication here.


August – December, 2013

Salvage in Detroit: opportunities for optimization through action research

Bradley Guy, Principal Investigator
Kresge Foundation, $23,400

The purpose of this study is to identify obstacles, benchmark productivity, and establish metrics for the optimization of the time-constrained pre-demolition salvage of building materials from vacant structures in the Springwells neighborhood of Detroit while understanding the implications for ambient lead dispersal associated with these activities in areas of moderate vacancy. This research captured relevant metrics to understand how deconstruction labor can most effectively be deployed on the water and fire damaged structures that typify the majority of the County Foreclosure auction inventory in Detroit, and to publish the results to guide policy, academic research, and implementation at scale.

April 11-13, 2013

Reclaim + Remake International Symposium

Bradley Guy, Principal Investigator
National Science Foundation, $26,400

The Reclaim + Remake International Symposium was held April 11-13, 2013, at The Catholic University of America School of Architecture and Planning in Washington, DC. The event had 133 registrants representing eight (8) countries including the US. The countries represented were: the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Spain, Netherlands and Turkey. In addition, there were twenty-seven (27) universities in the US and internationally represented at the event. There were four (4) keynote talks and thirty-nine (39) presentations of an equal number of papers which have been compiled into a “best of” collection for submittal for publication.

August – December, 2013

Reclaim + Remake International Symposium Proceedings

Bradley Guy, Principal Investigator
The Catholic University of America Grant-in-Aid, $1,990

This funding supports the publication and distribution of the proceedings of the Reclaim + Remake International Symposium Proceedings to 200 member universities of the Architectural Research Centers Consortium and the presentation of the outcomes of the symposium to the “Beyond Architecture: Making New Connections and Intersections”, EAAE-ARCC 2014 International Architectural Research Conference, February 12-15, 2014, University of Hawaii at Manoa, School of Architecture.


Life Cycle Assessment Methods for Building Materials Recovery and Reuse

Bradley Guy, Principal Investigator
The Catholic University of America Grant-in-Aid, $1,990

This research used life cycle assessment to quantify the environmental benefits of a building materials reuse operation outside of Washington, DC, the Community Forklift, Edmonston, MD The goal of the research was to determine a valid method of analysis for determining the greenhouse impacts of the inputs to operate a reuse system and the avoided impacts from the substitution of reclaimed materials for new materials and disposal. The environmental benefits of this facility were quantified on an annual basis and the method is viable for other facilities to use as well.


Development of a National Reuse / Recycling Facility Certification Program

Bradley Guy, Principal Investigator
Construction Materials Recycling Association, $10,010

This project was to develop a national certification protocol for validating the recycling rates of facilities operating construction and demolition recycling operations. The complexities and volumes of materials that flow into these facilities have made it extremely difficult to develop a method of certifying their processes. This protocol has been implemented nationally by the Recycling Certification Institute,