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The Fabrication Labs support undergraduate and graduate students in coursework and independent projects. Students are encouraged to work with a wide variety of materials not limited to wood, metals, plaster, concrete, plastic and foam. All incoming students are required to take a fabrication lab orientation. Graduate students with shop experience can apply for positions as Fab Lab assistants. 


Any announcements or changes in the schedule will be posted on the Woodshop Door (Room B007).  Lab hours are subject to change. All students wishing to use the facilities must have a Waiver on file.  Please find the 2016 shop hours here.

Faculty Use
Faculty who wish to use the lab for their courses or research should meet with the director or coordinator two weeks in advance to discuss the project, scheduling constraints and workflow.  

Services + Available Equipment
Woodshop B007
Metalshop B008C
Lasercutting B008b
CNC Routing B008
3d Printing 121
Finishing B002
Photo Lab B014
Materials Lab / Library B016f

For more information contact the Fab Lab Director, Davide Prete at: 
T: 202.319.5166  





The primary function of the woodshop is to assist students and faculty in realizing their ideas in three dimensions. Carrying a design through construction gives students a better grounding in materials and construction techniques while it hones design skills. A skilled craftsman is always on hand during shop hours to supervise student use of the 1,000 ft2 shop.

Available Equipment
Hand Planes
2 SawStop T-Glide Fence
14" Delta Bandsaw 
8" Powermatic Jointer Plainer
15" Powermatic Thickness Plainer
12" Milwakee Sliding Compound Miter Saw Variable Variable  Speed Router Table
Drill Press
12" disc/6"x48" Combination Sander
Spindle Sander
Jet 14"x42" Wood Lathe
Jet Benchtop Mortiser
Tenoning Jig
DeWalt Scroll Saw
Delta Knife Belt Sander
Hot Wire Cutter
Cordless Drills
Orbital Sanders
Biscuit Jointer
Jig Saws
Hand Planes
Various Clamps, Handscrews, Spring Clamps etc.
Various hand held tools




A skilled craftsman is always on hand supervising student use of the shop.

Available Equipment
Miller 211 MIG welder
Jet 12" disc sander
8in bench grinder
Wilton 14" variable speed vertical band saw
Jet horizontal band saw
14" belt drive drill press
Metal lathe
24" Pexto metal break (16 GA)
36" Pexto sheer (16 GA)
24" Pexto roll form (20 GA)
4.5" grinder


Laser cutters are fast efficient tools for cutting chipboard, acrylic and other sheet materials.

Available Equipment
Two Universal Laser Systems X-660 with 18"x32" bed and 60 watt laser

Laser Cutter User Manual
How to Set the Z Height
Laser Settings
Laser Cutter Template



Contains a three-axis 120x60 Shopbot and one Desktop Shopbot

Available Equipment

ShopBot Desktop 
ShopBot PRSalpha CNC 120x60

2 computers with VCarve and Shopbot3 installed


Documentation ShopBot Desktop 
Documentation ShopBot PRSalpha CNC 120x60

Documentation VCarve


3D PRINTING (Rm 121)

The 3D printer aids students in fabricating small scale models for design development with a quick turnaround time and a high degree of accuracy. Ultimakers are free to use for all students and faculty. All the other 3D printing technologies is to be used only after discussion with the director.


Available Equipment
Stratasys Fortus 250mc
Insight software 
Dedicated cleaning station for dissolvable supporting material.
Z-Corp. 310 Plus with a build volume of 8" x 10" x 8 "
Dedicated cleaning station with compressed air
Dedicated computer with Z-print software
Z-Corp. 450 Colors with a build volume of 8" x 10" x 8 "
Dedicated cleaning station with compressed air
Dedicated computer with 3Dprint software
4 Ultimakers 
Roland vinyl cutter
DLP 3D Printer Solidator
8 PC computers with more than 50 different types of  3d modeling and 3d printing software; equipped with 3D mice and touch-screen monitors
8 3D printers
Sailrite Ultrafeed LS-1




We are lucky to have a large 200 sqft finishing room, this allows our students and faculty to spray most any material in a safe, wind free and dust free environment.


Available Equipment
Lemmer T-55 HVLP Finish Sprayer




Background, lights, tripods and structure light 3D scanner, sense scanner





Available Equipment
Materials organized with MasterFormat classification system. 


Please see the list of materials here