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Internship Programs
    - The AIA's IDP website
    - NCARB's IDP website
    - Guidelines for IDP Mentors

Finding a Job: Sending out resumes generally isn’t effective. Really. The best bet is to get out where potential employers can meet you and be impressed by your work ethic, intelligence, and personality. Aren’t you more likely to ask someone on a date who you met at a party than someone whose qualifications you read online? Face-to-face experiences are what people mean when they talk about networking. Where is it that you can get out and do that? The best place is likely a professional committee. Show up at a meeting of the local chapter of AIA’s design committee or affordable housing committee or committee on the environment, or CSI’s program committee, or ULI’s real estate committee, and before you know it, someone will be suggesting you come by their firm to talk about employment. After all, by working with you on the committee, they’ve already “interviewed” you. In addition to the links below, see the section on “Networking” above.   

    - CUA Careers Network

    - DC/AIA Jobs Board
    - AIA Career Center
    - CSI Online Career Center
    - ArchVoices (which contains an extensive listing of other job search websites)
    - ETI Professionals, Inc. (recruiters of architects and engineers)
    - Archzilla (recruiters of architects)

    - Starting Jobs and Salaries Survey, Classes of '03-05, CUA

    - Salaries for DC area Architects, 2002
    - 2002 National Interna Salary Survey
    - Starting Jobs and Salaries Survey, Class of '99, CUA Grads
    - AOL's jobs and salary advice website

Researching Firms
    - Architecture firms anywhere in the US: ArchitectsUSA
    - Architecture firms in DC
    - Architecture firms in Virginia Suburbs
    - Architecture firms in Maryland Suburbs
    - Architecture firms in Annapolis area and Eastern Shore

Laws Regarding Employment: By federal law, it is a crime not to pay an intern except when the employer is a non-profit organization.
    - Federal Regulations for Lawful Treatment of Interns
    - Suggested Guidelines for Appropriate Treatment of Interns