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While the demand for classically-educated and trained graduates is high and increasing, the opportunities to be classically-educated and trained remain very rare.

By establishing this new “Classical Concentration”, the School of Architecture and Planning and the Catholic University of America provide one of only two opportunities to study Classical Architecture as a formal discipline in a University setting worldwide, and the only such opportunity on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

The practice of Classical architecture has enjoyed a strong resurgence over the past three decades.  The demand for classically educated and trained graduates is very high.  Multiple hundreds of firms are now established dedicating exclusively to the practice of classical, traditional architecture.  These firms are in great and increasing need of well-educated, capable graduates committed to the principles of Classical Architecture.  Inversely, the opportunities to be educated and trained - and thus the number of graduates is limited. Excellent news for graduating classicists.

Situated in Washington D.C., the classical concentration benefits from the magnificent examples of the very best classical architecture area designed and built and from the unique and inspiring urban design of the Nation’s Capital.

Students also benefit from exposure to current master-practitioners of Classical Architecture in the studio and lecture hall; exposure to firms committed to the practice of classical architecture and needful of young graduate talent; and exposure to excellent faculty dedicated to handing on the tradition to the oncoming, gifted generation of students.