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Any full-time Graduate Student in the Classical Concentration is eligible to semester-long study of Architecture in the Eternal City – Rome. The center of both Ancient and Christian histories is also the world’s single greatest repository of Architecture. It is central to the study and design of Classical Architecture and Urbanism.

Though not required, “Classical Concentration” students are strongly encouraged to include the Rome Semester as part of their course of studies.  Rome studio begins in Washington with a history of architecture seminar and Italian language courses that prepare students for a maximally-beneficial experience in Rome.

Live and study in the heart of Rome in the Trastevere (“Across the Tiber”) district, a short walk from Vatican City and steps from the core of Ancient Rome: The Forum. The neighborhood is centrally located and convenient to the city’s many different eras:

·      Primordial and Ancient Rome

·      Early Christian Rome

·      Medieval Rome

·      Baroque Rome

·      20th Century Rome


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