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Undergraduate Minor in Architectural Studies

Undergraduate Minor
Students at The Catholic University of America are encouraged to make the best use of both their distribution requirements and their free electives. Most students follow course sequences to further specific educational or intellectual goals. However, student outside the School of Architecture and Planning,could be possible to complete one--and in some cases, two--formal minors without taking more than the forty courses required for graduation. The completion of a minor is recorded on the student's permanent transcript.

For information about specific minors, consult departmental advisers. The definition and specification of a minor in a particular subject area are the responsibility of the department or program in that subject area.

Undergraduate Minor In Architectural Studies
The School of Architecture and Planning also offers an optional minor in architectural studies for CUA students enrolled in other schools within the university. The minor in architectural studies will provide students with a liberal exposure to the discipline of architecture, architectural design, and the built environment. The study of architecture offers indispensable skills in critical thinking and making as well as furnishing tools for interpreting and understanding the ways in which we inhabit and shape the material world that are useful in most fields. The minor program will serve students with an interest in architecture but who are committed to pursuing a major in another field, as well as students who would like to receive a broad liberal arts degree before pursuing architecture as a graduate field of study.

Undergraduate Minor Curriculum


No substitutions will be permitted and no course may be taken on a pass/fail basis. A maximum of two courses may be transferred from other institutions, provided that these courses are evaluated as equivalent to the courses specified in the minor. No more than two courses in a minor may “overlap” with the student’s requirements for the major or majors.