The Catholic University of America

Crough Center for
Architectural Studies



The primary purpose of the Center for Building Stewardship (CBS) is to disseminate knowledge related to building stewardship amongst students, design professionals, building owners and building managers. The CBS recognizes the many fields of expertise offered by faculty and staff at The Catholic University of America’s School of Architecture and Planning and seeks to provide an institutional framework through which such expertise can be made more widely available to the public. The activities hosted by the CBS shall be varied and shall all be related to education and the dissemination of the knowledge that is the core of the MSSD program. Such activities can be grouped into two categories:

• Applied research conducted by faculty and staff. Faculty with specialist skills in the fields of energy and resource conservation have been recruited into the MSSD program to provide a unique and specialized curriculum for students. Our faculty members’ skills are also highly sought after by architectural practices and building owners and managers in the region. By engaging in targeted applied research our faculty will be able to generate research opportunities for themselves and for graduate research assistants.

• Educational content (lectures, seminars, symposia) on subjects related to building stewardship. CUArch faculty have committed to participate in the 2010 Imperative and the school’s Sustainability Committee have agreed to organize inspirational presentations to be given by exemplary practitioners to encourage faculty and students to implement sustainable design topics in their courses.