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The Basics

What's it all about? An Intro to Life Beyond Academia (Read this First)


Context: Guides to pursuing a career in architecture or related fields
    - ArchVoices website
    - ArchCareers website
    -'s Career Advice for Architects
    - AIA's You and Your Architect, explaining to clients what
      architects do for a living
    - The 2007 NCARB Practice Analysis of Architecture

IDP: The Intern Development Program, jointly sponsored by AIA and NCARB
    - The AIA's IDP website>
    - NCARB's IDP website>
    - IDP Enrollment>
    - Online Reporting System (For technical support, call NCARB at 202-783-6500)

Good Books about entering architectural practice
    - From John Wiley & Sons>

International Issues: Foreign students/interns and architects working in the US and US students/interns and architects working overseas
    - General Information
    - Hiring International Students, A fairly complete guide, from the folks
      at ArchVoices
    - US Certification for Foreign Architects: The BEFA Program
      (Broadly Experienced Foreign Architects)